Friday, July 8, 2011

Water Pollution on Human Health

Water Pollution on Human Health of 2011 : 

the effects of water pollution on our ecosystem is a broad concept. It also encompasses the effects on us which can be much more severe than we can imagine and thus have to explained separately in depth. So the most obvious effects of water pollution on humans are a range of waterborne diseases - including typhoid, jaundice, cholera and diarrhea. 14,000 people die as a result of drinking contaminated water every day shows how polluted water can adversely affect human health.All these waterborne diseases - which have the tendency to result in fatalities if not subjected to proper treatment at the earliest, can be attributed to microbial infiltration of water as a result of sewage water and human waste dumping. Drinking water which is contaminated by industrial waste is also known to damage a person's kidney and liver owing to the fact that this water contains toxic compounds in great amount. Furthermore, this toxic water can also cause tumors, ulcers, skin disorders, etc.  Even though there is no concrete evidence to back the same, but some studies have revealed that drinking polluted water on a regular basis can alter the chromosome structure in humans. 

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